The Role Of Transport In Everyday Life

Have you ever heard the word Grabcar, Uber, Taxi or even a rent car? Every day we are often shown with this word in the media such as television, newspapers, social media, but there are also internet banner or bunting installed in strategic areas such as at airports, under the flyover and so on. This all is one of the transport systems in our country. Each has its own advantages. Grabcar and uber the online reservation system for transport or online. The service requires both sides suppliers and customers have access to the internet to enable these transactions occurred.

While the taxi service as we know, operates around areas with a large population, such as in flats or flats, apartments, commercial areas, factories and others. Apart from transport, the use of a car is very popular among the students where they are free to move anywhere of the destination. The rates are also very reasonable which normally charges a fee is charged by rental, weekly and monthly basis. As DNZ Car Rental, a car rental service providers or kereta sewa shah alam and also for areas around Selangor, the fee for the rental of a compact car is as low as RM100 – RM120 per day.


The use of car rental and among the more widely used every day contributing factor is the existence of car rental companies. It grew by leaps and bounds over the existence of the high demand for car rentals and the prices are reasonable. Therefore, many car rental services are concentrated in areas such as the placement of students in public or private universities, colleges, polytechnics and many others. In fact, there are also among students who also run a car hire business is part time to find a source of revenue to fund the costs or expenses during their study. Maybe they thought this business was very profitable compared with other available jobs. But they must remember, doing business without a valid license, or better known as the illegal business is very risky, especially to the owner of the car and also to their clients.


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